Our History

The Congregation of Carmelites of Divine Mercy, the new millennium Congregation was founded by Rev. Fr. Bernardine M Louis OCD, native of Trivandrum, Kerala, India on 16th of July 2010.Fr. Bernadine was born of Late Mr. Peter Louis and Mrs. Regina Louis on 31st December 1937 as the fourth child of the five member family. The devoted parents spent their entire life for the overall establishment, development of Our Lady of Fatima Church, in their home front at Adimalathura.

Our Family

Sisters of CDM family belong to various states in India, like Kerala, Assam, Meghalaya, Odisha and Telangana. We are like a giant pizza. The more toppings there are, the BETTER it is. "Diversity inspires cultural growth and makes society richer. When a community has people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and skills, each person is able to contribute their unique story and gifts so as to make a greater whole and make community life lively and colourful.” We enjoy the beauty in diversity, the ecclesial church.

Transforming lives through acts of mercy, education, healthcare, social outreach, elderly care, supporting the abandoned and the widows, mending broken families, offering counselling and empowering the youth.

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